What/who is Jiglet?

In all my years of blogging on jiglet.net/under the psuedonym “jiglet”, I never took a moment to explain where the name came from. Oh yeah, and there are currently some rather distasteful search results for the term too, so let’s clear the air.

Digglet becomes Jiglet?Back in my early days on the web, Pokemon was all the rage. While I never collected cards or played the games, my friends and I found the characters endlessly entertaining. We’d often laugh at the goofy names. “Digglet” always stood out to me, and the word worked it’s way into my lexicon.

My friends and I used a lot of weird slang, and soon we were calling dogs “digglets”. Soon after that, names were merged. Ryan was “Rizlet”, Kyle was “Kizlet”, and John, for some reason, was “Jiglet”. Simple as that.


The first domain name I ever registered was jiglet.com.

A registrar whose name escapes me had a “free 30 day trial” domain name+hosting package, no credit card required. Naturally I registered the .com variation of my nickname.

I played around with it a bit, but never moved my site over. As it turns out, 8th grader John didn’t have a credit card, so the trial expired and the domain was surrendered. No biggie.

I was running John’s Crawlspace for a number of years before I actually registered a domain name for the site. Since the .com was no longer available, I jumped to the next logical extension, .net. I thought “jiglet.net” sounded cooler anyway. And here we are!

Meanwhile, the dumb nicknames stuck, and they’re still around some 20 years later…Was that really 20 years ago? Wow.