Music Video Power Hour

The “power hour” was a popular drinking activity in my high school and college years in which participants take a shot of beer every 60 seconds for an hour.

The original variant involved a timer, which felt a bit “sterile”. We’d often play this game while listening to music or watching goofy stuff on TV.

It occurred to me that it’d be much more entertaining to combine these things… what if the music (or the TV) told us when it was time to take the next shot of beer? Behold the music video power hour.

I chose about 100 songs that had music videos available (downloaded from IRC), and then experimented with the “flow”, meticulously choosing transition points and considering the overall vibe of the mix of music. Personally I was into a lot of metal and hip-hop at the time, but I choose recognizable songs that your average person would enjoy and might sing along to.

I took great pride in the final product: a video playlist of 60 back-to-back songs that’d make for a great “pregame”.

I burned this mix onto DVDs and gave them out to friends. Before I knew it, the DVD took on a life of it’s own. I’d go to random college parties at my school and the power hour would be playing on the TV. Friends of mine at other schools in the area told me they’d encountered the power hour at their own schools. I was mailing out dozens of copies of the DVD every few weeks to friends in other states. Someone even put a copy of the mix on Vimeo, where it lives on today.

I no longer drink, but I take pride in this creative endeavor and love to hear friends reminiscing about the DVD to this day.